Earthlings are Boring

Traveling through space on a rowboat

Why haven’t aliens visited us? Because we’re boring and live in a crap neighborhood.

Day Five: Love is in the Air

George speaks, the people swoon and protesters protest on. Day five of my 2004 Republican National Convention coverage for MTV News.

Day Four: Repent, Pantie People. Repent!

A Democratic stands before the 2004 Republican National Convention and demands his party repent. Day four of my 2004 Republican National Convention coverage for MTV News.

Would You Turn Your Child into a Cyborg?

A mom hacks Google Glass to help her autistic son understand facial expressions. Along the way, she wonders how neurotechnologies will influence how we augment ourselves, what traits we’ll consider inherently human, and what might be lost as we rid ourselves of them.

We’re Drowning in our Waste

Newspaper Recyling

America’s trash problem is growing and getting worse. China used to be our dumping ground. Now our waste has no place to go.

Self-Driving Cars: What Could Go Wrong?

Self-driving cars are only as smart as the artificial intelligence controlling them. A new study indicates that the darker your skin, the more likely you are to be hit by one. There’s a simple, and unfortunate, reason why.

Americans Hate the Media

Where goes truth when a new Gallup poll indicates American trust in the media is (yet again) at an all-time low?

Getting to Know What We Do Not Know

A new study shows how little we know about current and historical events. This affects strategies for how we understand and process the news.

Language, Militias and Occupation

What should the media call an armed group that takes over federal property and makes political demands? Oregon gives us a chance to consider.

Is it Smeagol or Gollum?

Turkey debates Lord of the Rings to decide whether a doctor will spend two years in jail over a Facebook post.

Biking While Hot

Biking through New York City in the summer heat. Queens to Brighton Beach and back again.

If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript

A new book exploring the intersection of literature and code is a delightful romp through some of the Western world’s most celebrated writers and the imagined JavasScript they would have — could have — slung had they been so inclined.

Thank You, New York

bike crash

Heartfelt thanks to those who helped when I went head over handlebars while riding my bike in New York.