The Future Journalism Project launched in late 2010 to analyze and monitor disruption, opportunity and innovation in the news. While most of our efforts focused on the United States, we also spent time in Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

About 2015 we modified our focus. Our thinking at the time was to consider the news consumer. If anything, we were news nerds ourselves and following the news is hard. It’s exhausting, it’s confusing, it’s full of bungling actors, agitating trolls, and a host of beautiful, wonderful people trying to get things right.

As our focus switched, our mission changed to exploring better ways to produce, consume and understand the news. Our platform became live events. We brought journalists, thinkers and news consumers together to discuss, debate, and analyze the topics of the day.

Over the years a wonderful group of people dedicated time and resources to make The FJP happen. For this, we’re grateful. It’s also wonderful to see the significant contributions many we collaborated with are now making at various media organizations both traditional and new. It’s an important legacy.

I’m writing this in 2017 and while upheaval within the news industry continues, it’s time for us to close shop. Our intent when we launched was to be a short-term voice within the industry. That it’s seven years later both surprises and concerns.

There are great defenders tackling the issues that currently affect news producers and consumers. That media is weaponized is a truism. Despite an anxious skepticism, we think the bright side will prevail. We also think it will be a long, drawn-out fight that needs and deserves the ongoing support of those who can provide it in whichever way they can.

For now though, it’s time for The FJP to step back. We thank all who contributed over the years and, especially, to all who followed and participated along the way in our journey. – Michael