White Moustache

Small Batch, Handmade Yogurt

The White Moustache is a Brooklyn-based creator of small-batch, Persian yogurt with an intense, dedicated following.

It sells around New York City and garners a lot of press for both the quality of its yogurt and the backstory surrounding its creation.

Important though is what’s left over when yogurt’s created. That’s whey: a tangy, liquid byproduct that makes for a delicious, probiotic beverage and a multifaceted ingredient in recipes.

Strained whey becomes delicious whey. Use slider to view.

Unfortunately, it’s traditionally treated as waste by Western yogurt producers and is literally dumped down the drain.

The White Moustache is trying to change this and currently sells bottled whey in stores throughout New York City, and bulk whey to select restaurants that are beginning to use it in their recipes.

For this project I’ll be doing a few things:

  • developing and implementing editorial and media strategies to leverage existing momentum the company has in its whey program;
  • redesigning their web site to improve brand, design and product presentation;
  • implementing separate e-commerce systems for customer and vendor purchases.

The goal is to educate target audiences on the the diverse uses – and tastiness – of whey, and, of course, increase business-to-business and consumer sales across all product lines.


  • Strategy
  • Photography
  • Video Production

Web Development

  • Web Site Redesign
  • e-Commerce Integrations

Active Projects