Shooting Brine

I went to the White Moustache factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn to shoot images of their Whey Turkey Brine.

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Biking While Hot

Biking through New York City in the summer heat. Queens to Brighton Beach and back again.

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BurgerBot: Man. Dog. Feels.

Starting off the ever sporadic Adventures in Nothing with a man, dog and some sadness.

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The Shave

Goodbye beard. Shaving for Mother's Day.

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If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript

A new book exploring the intersection of literature and code is a delightful romp through some of the Western world’s most celebrated writers and the imagined JavasScript they would have — could have — slung had they been so inclined.

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Thank You, New York

Heartfelt thanks to those who helped when I went head over handlebars while riding my bike in New York.

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Nonlinear Storytelling and Atomic Units of Content

No matter the content you produce, it will be broken down and remixed by your audience into its smallest – and most durable – units of sharability.

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Can Robots Tell The Truth?

As the Washington Post tries to create a near real-time fact checking system for political speeches, how might it work? And do we want it to?

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Politico: Obama’s a Puppet Master

Politico complains that Obama plays the press. Same as it ever was: Every president's played the press.

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Dazzling. Deceitful. Distracting.

How news organizations are covering fact and fiction in the 2012 presidential campaign.

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Pussy Riot and Massacres

Pussy Riot gets the headlines. Meantime, killings and massacres continue. Why the media covers what it covers.

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Citizen Journalism as Early Warning System

Ground Report Founder and CEO Rachel Sterne talks citizen journalism and an interesting question arises: in our evolving journalism landscape, can sites such as hers serve as early warning systems to mainstream media organizations?

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The Ethos of Open Source

In less than 20 years the peer production and transparency found in Open Source is firmly entrenched in the mainstream and is affecting much more than just software.

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Aardvark and the Semantic Web

A meta-web is forming that connects the bits and bytes of our online social actions in new and startling ways.

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How Green Is Your Code

When we choose the code that runs our computers, web sites, gadgets and phones, one of the last things we think about is the environmental impact of that decision. But in a world where changes in Facebook's underlying code base could reduce their carbon emissions by 49,000 tons, it's about time we do so.

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Jazz of Code

Software is provocative art and our code slingers are poets to the highest degree. Join them as a team and you get jazz.

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