Web Design, Development & Training

From Spring 2013 to Fall 2015 I directed digital and media strategy at WITNESS, a global nonprofit that supports individuals and organizations that use video to document human rights abuse. For a deep dive into what that means, see this profile from the New York Times Magazine.

During that time I redeveloped the organization’s Web site(s); established editorial guidelines for all produced media; created earned and owned media strategies that leveraged WITNESS’ Web and social properties; implemented a global distribution strategy for getting the organization’s training materials into activists’ hands; introduced back-end systems to help accomplish the above; and trained and lead a team to interface with core audiences.

Much of my thinking around this work involved how to best leverage global networks. To give a sense of that, here are (slightly modified) slides from a variety of presentations I gave during internal strategy and training sessions while at the organization.

Current Work

My involvement with WITNESS continues with an ongoing relationship where I maintain, iterate over and update a network of multilingual sites; optimize WooCommerce to provide a free library of downloadable resources; and, significantly, am redesigning and redeveloping WITNESS’ institutional site.

Web Site

Current Project Focus

  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital Training

Previous Media Production

  • Video Strategy & Development
  • Editorial Direction & Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Global Distribution Strategy

Previous Tech Development

  • Redesign & Develop Network of Web sites
  • Implement back-end communications channels
  • Implement back-end project management platforms

Active Projects